Thursday, January 26, 2012

Always an escape

Everyday I say thanks that the disease did not take my life abruptly as often does and as was announced for us in the beginning. It was not that and today I could not enjoy the big hugs from Olivia, to feel everyday the family spirit, to realise how wonderful my wife is. I just wished more people could have the same lucky as me. I am now waiting for the results from a scan but I have been throughout a good days, and we hope to have much more like that.

I am also happy for Gosia, after such a hard work looking for a job she found her Oasis in London. Today was the first day of work in the Oasis restaurant in Barnet. She came home very tired but also happy. I know what is she living, I felt also an immense happiness when I arrived in London 10 years ago, even downgrading in my job, I went through so many different experiences, doing new friends and get to know other cultures.

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EStamos contigo /convosco!! Beijos tomarenses!!