Friday, January 13, 2012

Pascal's Wager

I have the same nature as all the Human Beings, looking for moments of happiness. But that journey is our choice. I confess that the last and very serious events in my life changed completely where I would like to go and to stay. I was a Man like Saint Thomas, I venerated only the incredulity, I would not believe in nothing that I could not see or touch. But today I think I try to be more open minded and with a huge desire to learn and to follow the way where I can glimpse the same happiness and to empty all my fears. Today I enrolled in my parish for a course of a spiritual formation, it will have a lot of components of meditation, mindfulness, and praying, This will be going for two weeks, everyday. It will be intense but I look forward to learn more to carry on in my spiritual journey.

By the way, speaking about the spirit, yesterday I finished a brilliant book, Tuesdays with Morrie, It is a case to tell that the book is written in such an easy way that only can be comparable to Morrie's thoughts, simplicity and serenity. This is a man who is very ill in a wheelchair, and is about to dye. There is a paragraph in the book that I would never forget, somebody asked him what he would like to do in his final days, and his answer was that he would wake up, have a lovely breakfast, after spend time with a friend, then have a walk through the garden to smell the flowers and listen the birds. And in his evening he would like to dance and dance. It is beautiful what Morrie praises in the end, just little things which that most of us can see but not appreciate.

Today we had our Friday 13, we had our accidents through the day but nothing too serious to blame the infamous day.

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