Sunday, January 1, 2012

Right Will

The first day of the 2012 we wanted to do a day of Pyjama's party, but in the afternoon I betrayed the initiative as I needed to go out to collect something for Olivia. Everybody was frustrated with one more bad movement from me, the usual :)

Probably for the first time, I was already in a New Year without knowing and to be honest it did not hurt me. It is on this moments that we feel that we would be happier if we could release ourselves more often from this conventions. Anyway, I was thinking through myself why are we giving so much importance to the New Year, as when it arrives it is already older than the one before, and of course is New but always makes us more older.

In the retreat last evening the head Monk of the Monastery said a lot of wise things, but there is a couple of them that I still rethink, It is when it comes the end of the year that normally the people tend to do their balance of the year, looking for the good and to the bad things from that time, but normally we keep it within us and do not let it go, do not helping to end the suffering. I followed this advise and I listed my year balance from 2011 and expectations for 2012 and just let it go in the bonfire placed in the Monastery. I came to the Buddhist monastery and today I went to the catholic church, but unfortunately and I know, even with a more restrained Life there is no guarantees of nothing, to be happy or to have a place in the Heaven. We know that some of us will have great days and moments this year but also we know that we all will experience also horrible days, some will lose jobs, will lose friends. All this we cannot ignore, it is only a wise and right attitude which let us to be free from those attachments and then would help us to overcome the bad moments. It is all this, my challenge and my work, to know how to deal with those bad things.

Last night was definitely a dream night, I found a lot of Peace and calm, I hope this will last for few more days. Justyna and Olivia had they Reveillon at home with Justyna's friends and Nikodem, It was not perfect but the most important is the year ahead.

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