Saturday, January 28, 2012

Noah's Ark

Today I had the taste of what almost every single Human Being does everyday, but I have not for a long time, to have a commitment with time and to wake up early, have a shower, shave, have breakfast and the weirdest thing for me, walk to the work, Yes, it was my first day in the charity shop Noah's Ark. It was good feeling to be in contact with so many people that come in, some neighbours, to put some stuff out in the displays and after see somebody take it, this was small victories. When Justyna and Olivia at some point come to say hello, I confess that I was very proud of me just to show myself in uniform and to tell Olivia that I was just organizing books to be sold.

In the afternoon we went to spend some time and relax in Shubhi's house, We chatted about the adventures of the last week in her house.

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