Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Justyna had a busy day, as usually by the way. In the morning she dressed the skin of a teacher, she was teaching Polish language to a neighbour who has a son that is getting married with a Polish girl, Good luck for him :) But in the afternoon Justyna dressed again the skin of a student, she was in the Art class.

Myself, I am keeping my weekly visits to the hospital for my blood tests, but this afternoon I had also to go to a visit to the dentist, I am now waiting for a small dental protease to arrive :) This will give me a more robust jaws to bite and to devour the food. I have been trying to avoid tooth past with fluoride due to healthy reasons, but now I am equating that, I know the harm of the fluoride but the tooth past that I am using is not giving me all the protection that I need, the dentist convinced me.

These are days that I keep having pity of my nation, it does not come out from my mind the terrible situation where Portugal is at the moment, full of debits and suffering. I do not want to have bad feelings towards nobody, but it is difficult to take the news from Portugal. For one side seeing the people doing a lot of sacrifices and on the other hand the politicians still having high wages and taking all the positions, even the ones already retired. The errors cannot be a responsibility of only one person or one class but I think the Politicians have a high responsibilities in this drama. I live in the UK but I am Portuguese and I can say, from my little experience how different the politics are here, probably the reason is also the demanding from the people, which makes the politicians knowing words such as ashamed, spine, lying.

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