Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Food lovers nations

In spite of the distance between us and having been positioned in different parallels there are so many things that I found very close between the Portuguese people and Polish. Not only, our both people find the tenacity to fight constantly against the History, but also culturally we both find the peace through the Faith and in the Family to rest all the misfortune. Even, both countries come together in any list because of the alphabet, Both starts with Po.... But the most important is the fact that we both have our Living room in the kitchen. There is no place where we can go that there is no table full of food, and there is no chance to say No, it will be taken as an offence. This is like in Portugal. It is also hard to be a vegetarian, a Herculean task.

Today we had the visit of our lovely friend Gosha from Krakow. This evening we will start to pack as tomorrow we will fly back to London.

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