Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In town

Great :) The day went wonderful, I was scare that the increase of the dose of chemotherapy could ruin my day and pretensions to go out to the town with Olivia and Justyna. I am tired but happy. We all, with our neighbours with kids went to Town to visit the Aquarium and the London Eye. This events are very important to bring closer the neighbours as well as the kids that are growing up together, Shame that this is also considered now a luxury, thus in the end of this month the Sure Start Children Centre that runs the activities in the Library close to us is also closing down due to the cuts in the budget, But I think they deserved a big thank you for the time they been up helping Olivia and the other kids that are not yet in time to the nursery.

The kings in the Aquarium were surprisingly for me the Manta ray, with a special tank and a time to be fed in front of the audience.

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