Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Season is now reaching the best period of the year, the one I most liked, It is something like the Spring, but not quite, just before she arrives. It is when the Sun, desired than ever appears again, but also the coll breeze do not let us leave the coat at home. It will still take a while before we realised that the layers of cloths are not matching anymore the season, but nobody cares. At this Season Nearly the Spring we are allowed to dream and to do a lot of plans, As if everything would be possible, We still faraway from the end of the Season of Suns, early to be disappointed for not reached almost nothing of what was planned and much before the Season of rains starts again keeping the dream on the hold again. It is as if but not yet.
In the day of the Women the ladies went to the Zoo, this does not have any bad meaning :), I still at home, doing things, but also killing time.

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