Thursday, March 31, 2011

The strockes of Moliere

I have been tired through this days, but hopefully with the guest that I am waiting for this weekend my mood and energies will boost again. There is a secret mission that I still cannot tell to you the details, when it will be possible I will reveal. Arts had filled up our day, I had my Art lesson, last before Easter, It was difficult but I enjoyed to paint a very detailed and beautiful flowers. When will be finished I will show it. By the way, I need to tell you that next Tuesday we are travelling to Portugal for two weeks. So this will be a very busy weekend, as usual. To spicy even more the weekend, tomorrow I will have another appointment with the oncologist. It should be only to collect more chemotherapy to another cycle.

But the funniest moment of the day was when I brought a puppets theatre to Olivia, that a freecycler gave away. We did not lose time and in the evening we had straight the first session, Olivia was happy comfortable sitting down just watching the performance of an improvised act but from a very promising actor. The Season are open.

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