Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ali Baba

The morning started with another regular Diabetic Eye screening in a clinic no too faraway from me, the good news is that the eyes are still not damage by the high sugars, nevertheless I still need to keep the glucose under control as much as I can. Backed home I had a very sweet souvenir from my lovely daughter, she reminded the father's day in Portugal, The morning could not be better regardless to all the tiredness.

Later we had the company of our friend Sergio, who was in his birthday, We spent time together, though I could not resist a few hours sleep in the afternoon, before we all went to the park, to enjoy the beautiful Sun outside. Curios that the Sun was shinning but also the Moon was bigger than ever, at least according to the specialist, because through my sight it looked the same as usual when she is full.
The evenings are more easy nowadays, having Olivia collaborating with her routine, after 6's it comes the time to the bath, after dinner, after small play and finishing with sleep, all this like a clock. Tonight was my turn to read to her sleep, I have my secret book that never fails, Normally it is not necessary more than 5 minutes to Olivia fall asleep with Ali Baba and the forty thieves. She loves the story.

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