Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week to remember

The Sun started to shine for longer periods which transformed completely our mood, Speaking for me I was today in a very high spirit, with a lot of energy and full of hope. I cannot wait for tomorrow morning to start to take the pills for the second course of chemotherapy, I look like a child waiting and excited for the first day of school, I put it already out, on the top of the table the medicines that I will need to take tomorrow, in the case to not forget.

By the way to speak about first day in school, I need to tell you all about one of the biggest landmarks of our Lives is about to happen tomorrow, Olivia will have her first day in the nursery, She cannot wait but also I cannot wait to see her reaction. I got the feeling, she is now more prepared for this step, She is more aware about sharing, also about socializing. For now it will be only three days in the afternoon to get her used to.

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