Monday, March 7, 2011

First day in school

After today nothing will be the same, Olivia went for her first day in the nursery. Also I will never forget this moment of seeing Olivia with her backpack and to take her in hands with mummy to the school. There is always special moments that we should flavour and take all the pleasure and those stayed with me.

In the nursery mother spent all the time with her, We will leave Olivia alone in the school only after she would get more confident with the environment. Apparently, today she was a bit distress with all the new adventure. The class was full and also the English language is the one where she is still not so confident speaking, all this will take from her some time to adapt, I hope she will find a great moments for herself into this adventure.

Tomorrow she will be off, and girls are planning to go to the Zoo to celebrate the international women's day. In that way the Man of the house will keep at home and rest. I started today to take the chemotherapy and straight away there were signs of fatigue and psychological unrest.

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