Friday, March 4, 2011

Crime of living

So So News are now great news for me, Nothing too special I took from my appointment with the oncologist, but only some bits are enough to fill up us with happiness. It is true that the doctor decided me to go for at least 2 more cycles of chemotherapy and not only one more as I expected. This is related to the fact that I tolerated again very well and he thinks that this chemotherapy might work well, because I did not have too much pain in the Liver in the last week. And because of showing signs of stiffness dealing with the drugs, they decided also to increase the dose of chemotherapy. It is like if we do not complain they give more work, As usual we should always complain to get the easy work :)

But the good news is that the Agency that funds the treatments gave me already the approval to go ahead with the radiotherapy. Then, according to the doctor we will leave the radiotherapy in Reserve for the time when this chemotherapy will not work anymore. It was a good appointment with the oncologist, in a very relaxing atmosphere which does not happen all the time, when the doctors are very busy. He also helped me with a request that I had, related with my benefits that are now ending and I need to claim again to have it renewed again. The story is the same as three years ago, the oncologist gave me the form only for terminal patients, the ones which have a life expectation not behind 6 months, I hope and I am sure I will be again a liar, cheater or fraud and I will live much more than that. Maybe I will live to be a criminal for living too long.

Lastly the best of the day, to remember that my father had is birthday today, Congratulations papá.

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