Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lost in translation

At home everybody decided to be very active today, Olivia woke up very early in the morning, with the chickens, Later we attended the Father's day in the children's centre, that luckily come to the library near us, Olivia but special Eliza enjoyed very much the time to run around and have fun. I just cannot forgive myself for did not understand Eliza that since the morning she was asking me Xuxu, and I innocently thought she wanted a Dummy (chucha in Portuguese) but in reality she wanted to do urine or xixi. I was lost in translation as apparently Olivia did not understand what her cousin was telling to explain me. Nevertheless, Eliza was great and kept clean all the morning until Justyna come around and revealed her words.
In afternoon Sergio come to spent the day with Us, I caught him and took him for a long walk in the country, In the end we walked for 2 hours, for 4 miles, I just want now to rest my legs :)

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