Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collateral goodness

The Weather is definitely in its best, We should take advantage the most as we can because we never know, I already witnessed years ago a Summer that had disappeared before even than arrived. Our days is more of the same, enjoying all the moments together, stay close to build energies. I recognised the collateral goodness of this diseases is the fact of being close with the family all the time, something impossible with a normal life.

This evening I went for a regular appointment with my GP, it was a short appointment but I liked to see him, Also he gave me a copy of a letter from my oncologist that was sent to him, It had some positive words. Whenever I listen positive words from the doctors my soul jumps of happiness, I just need to not have all the doors closed to be a happy man, In the end of the day what I am doing is just doing to live and survive, what everybody does.

In another letter there was other thing less positive regarding to my kidneys, but for sure it will be a small issue. Tomorrow, probably I will find more about that as well as about all the issues related with Diabetes, when I would see my Diabetic doctor in the Royal Free.

After seen my GP I went to the park to meet my beauties, The air was smelling Summer as well as the light.

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