Sunday, March 20, 2011


We planned to Olivia go out with Shubhy and Tom, this in order to make her more independent, a strategy to make easier to her to get used to the nursery, We planned but Olivia did not want in the last minute, what we need to respect, It was not yet the time.
In that way instead of Olivia going to the cinema with her friends we all came home and enjoyed the company with a very tasty juices from Justyna's catalogue. It is just order :)

Later we started a great afternoon in the country side,We went for a small reserve close to us that is kept by voluntaries that are also neighbours and friends. We have not been there before, and it was in good time we went there today. Great to listen the birds and smell the sample of a forest. We were all radiating happiness.
I was thinking how I hate when nothing goes by inside this small and dark brain, and I produce this plain and boring posts, but after having a small thought I realised how happy I must be when I create such a ugly lines, because this means that I am not down and crying for help from that side.
Now at this time I am just celebrating the end of my last pills from this chemotherapy set, from tomorrow I will be off from the chemotherapy for two weeks, I hope I will see this mind and body relax again a bit more.

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