Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good memories

The Day was certainly the most shinning so far. I saw the Diabetes doctor which clarified that my blood testes does not tell anything bad regarding to the kidneys, in fact they are working fine. Instead, she advised me to better control my sugar levels, as averagely they have been higher than they should, So my next mission is to bring down those sugars.

I just wanted to enjoy all the minutes outside, thus I came back home quick to go to a picnic in the park with Olivia and her fellows from the library, All went well, but the same we cannot tell about her nursery later. They tried to rush and forced Justyna to leave Olivia alone, and the things did not go too well. We need to decide what to do now.

The greatest surprise and inspiration moment come this afternoon from where I could not expect, from the television, the memories from our unforgettable friend Ian was reborn when we watched the television program Deal or not Deal, His sister was in dispute of the prize, It was with a lot of commotion that we saw the remarkable Cristal, Ian's sister, showing all her energies. We also found out that she had fought against the Cancer in the last year, something that appeared after Ian's death. But now she is free and beautiful as ever. Also it was great to see in the tele Renne, Ian's wife and my friend in the Hospital. Examples for me and for all.

Another unforgettable evening in a serene atmosphere with Tom, Rayn and Tazz. Now I am very tired, I need to follow the example of a friend which told me to be wise and to not do too much, means to not thrust too much in the feeling of have so much energies. Because if I feel better I would do more than I should and than become tired again. The idea is to feel good and to relax.

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