Monday, March 28, 2011

Steam Spa

As I predicted, last night was not very good for the small Olivia, She had her throat completely blocked, It was difficult to pass the night for all of us. But at least in the morning the doctor told us that her lungs and bronchi looked clean, so the problem is more in the upper respiratory track, which is a relief. She only advised us to give her plenty of liquids and steam to unblock. It was a pleasure to have myself and Olivia a very hot sauna in our bath. Hopefully all will be better tonight. In this day also arrived good news from the help that I need from the government, The report from my oncologist was enough to make them accept my condition and I will not need to worried more. All will continuous as today. So I will have one less thing to think about. Olivia also had her happy moment, She had her first day in the new nursery, Definitely she cannot be to far from the school, because for what we can see she really likes to go to the nursery. I even went there and it was lovely to experience Olivia's reception, She showed me the school and offered me a card done specially for me. She was so proud going around in her princess dress borrowed in the school.

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