Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dolls house

After our hibernation in Poland it come the time to wake up, to hunt but also to be hunted, to delay 1 hour in the time but also bring forward much more digits in the thermometer, and to look again for the reality. I was already prepared but I confess that this time it was even harder, to come to London and just open the door and find few letters that does not bring any good, essentially from my surgeon which states everything that I know but I do not want to not know or ignore for long as possible. All the blá blá of No hopes is there, written with is cold pen or darts, More than ever the hope I must find in my brain, When I do not have pain I need to believe that I am OK and forget about everything.

The house is now full of happiness, Olivia's cousin and her mum come with us from Poland for holidays. I also want to take full advantage of the presence of the lovely Eliza.

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