Thursday, March 24, 2011


We decided today to not take Olivia anymore to this nursery, It might be a good nursery as a lot of parents says, but in our case the thrust in their staff has been broken, and in this things we should follow our hearts, as somebody told. They want to push too quick mother out of the nursery, trying to settle in Olivia in away that we were not prepared, she is still very young and we are not in a rush as we both have time, it is pointless to go behind their rules and leave Olivia crying until we do not know when and to make Olivia believe only and overall in herself.

Justyna was distress with all this and because it was only her to deal with the manager, But now we need to move forward. In the afternoon I went for another lesson, another big lesson of Art.

At home all the family relaxed but the girls started their agriculture task, digging to crop our food, we are planning to plant in our farm tomatoes, lettuces, potatoes and more, all 100% organic with 100% sure.

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