Thursday, March 10, 2011

Perspective of view

When we do not expect and suspect comes this days, Blue days that come out of the blue, I really enjoyed my Art class today, It was again very mathematical but this time I learnt a lot about the basics of drawing, drawing perspectives, Gave me more bases to not be only a naive in this sea of the draws, Few things begun to make more sense after the lesson, Where before I would be lost now I would know better where I am, my coordinates. Imagine seating down in the middle of a room and then trying to draw all the walls around you, as well as the doors and windows, This is more difficult than you think, Before this exercise I would not know how to manage but now I was left with more clues.

Also, for now we found the way how to manage with Olivia's nursery, Justyna spoke with the manager and they found a solution which makes us more happy, Olivia will go only for one hour three times a week and mother will be with her for the full hour, eventually and slowly if Olivia will feel interested in what is going on mother would start to withdraw.

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