Monday, February 28, 2011

Big white

I am finding here the perfect place to know better myself, At home the language still a big barrier and when a visit come I already set up my routine, to run away from long monologues mixed with smiles. I escape to the fireplace, pretending to be in charge of the fire to warm up the house, as if it was a big job and responsibility. Anyway, I always found very peaceful the fire burning and listening the ashes. Olivia has forgotten me, She loves to do things with her grandmother, It is lovely to see how they enjoy each other.

In this way I have a lots of time to me, and to stay with my thoughts that here faraway from London are more positive. All the mornings I go alone for a walk in the field, to stay and feel the vastness of the fields painted in white, It is such a great sensation to stop and just listen our own breath and the cold wind in the face, whispering in the ears to not stay too long.

In the afternoon we went to visit a friend of the family which lives in the former school of Justyna. Olivia did not believe on that.

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