Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fat Thursday

Definitely I am not a person of Maths anymore, Any skill that existed has now evaporated with chemotherapy. Today, I had the most boring drawing lesson and difficult as I could imagine, We started a new chapter about perspective and how to draw accurate ellipses, I guess it is necessary to know the theory but I like to feel my hands free and see only the eyes commanding the brain, and not as today be ruled by a ruler to get perpendicular and parallel lines. This time I can wait for the next week lesson as it will be more Perspective :(
Today I was very touched by a proposal of my neighbour which is also attending my classes, She wanted to give me a small part of her allotment, as she knew I wanted a small piece of land to plant few things, but I could not accepted such a kindness. My garden will be enough for my few potatoes and lettuces.

According to the Polish tradition today marked the beginning of the Quaresma, It is called the fat Thursday and traditional has donuts on the table, and having the house full of Polish of course those sweets could not be missed in our table.

Tomorrow we are again to the Hospital, this time to pick up more tablets to restart another cycle. To be polite and to not use other words I just would say that I do not like to go to the Hospital anymore.

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