Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deep sleep

If doubts existed about the effectiveness of the alternatives medicines, it has vanished completely, at least for myself. After, yesterday I had my acupuncture the doctor did say that I should sleep better tonight as she did a very strong and powerful therapy. In fact tonight I had a night sleep as I do not remember for a long time, Even Olivia slept through. It was over 10 hours sleep to everyone.

Olivia in the nursery today left her mother a more than a half metre of distance from her, which is a progress, Hopefully slowly she will get more confident with the staff and with the other kids, but there is still a lot of steps to go and to be left by herself in the nursery. If she is not too excited with her first days in the school, already in the road she is very happy with the tricycle, she is now managing to move by herself.
Tomorrow, we will have a very funny day out in perspective, The organization that runs the activities for kids in the library invited all the children from this area to go to the town, and they will pay the entrance in the London eye and in the Aquarium, and me and Justyna are included in the list.

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