Monday, February 21, 2011

Home in the forest

Very early in the morning we arrived in the Stansted airport. There, straight away we found a climate of terror set up by Ryanair for its customers, after pass through the gates there was a lady with the most rude attitude that you can imagine, with a scale asking people to weight their hand luggage's, in that way looking for some extra coins for the already full pocked of this company. Probably, because of the staff being under distress to deliver more and more money, all of them are rude, arrogant and prepotent. From the scale we pass clear just for few grams. Inside the plane there was another confusion that lead to an argument between the steward inside the plane and a client. I was listening and I just wanted to stand up and speak beside the lady. But for now my bit I think is just giving up to fly with the Raynair and pass my ideas to all my friends to see if a message can be send to more people.

In Polish solo we found surprisingly a very hot temperature, it was a very warm -10 degrees, which left my legs almost frozen, In the afternoon I was in bed sleeping, as I could not sleep nothing throughout the night. After an hour of sleep in the afternoon I am much more fresh and feeling very well. It was very nice to see the family, Everybody looks well, specially Olivia's cousin Eliza. Olivia had her first trip with her grand mum inside the forest, I am sure this should be a great experience for a girl who lives in London.

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