Friday, February 4, 2011

Black rabbit

The year of the rabbit could have started better, I still hope the Rabbit will bring me something better until the end of its kingdom. You already guessed why is this introduction, it is true, The oncologist let me again with bad news in the arms. Justyna was very disappointed as Olivia, She was in my arms and very sad all the time. The last scan showed the Cancer in the Liver progressed significantly, even if the other lymphoid in the abdomen has decreased, This means that I cannot wait indefinitely for the approval of the radiotherapy. It is necessary action to not lose all the precious time, Then this Monday I will be back to the chemotherapy holidays. I even signed the consent form before I read it. I found funny the rhetoric question from the doctor if I want to go ahead with the chemotherapy. Of course I said: I wanted to do already today, but this was not possible only because they did not have the drugs available.
The news (more the bad ones) are now a routine for me, but what is making me more sad is to see Olivia understanding all this what we are going through, And Justyna today was believing so much in better news. Now, I have the weekend to try to get a lot of rest, and I hope some laugh with a friends of Justyna from Poland that arrived today.

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