Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Positive balance

Today was one more day of the long waiting, In this country during half an year we wait for the other half. This morning I stood up late and outside the day already looked like night, so I found the perfect day to be indoors and heal some wounds. The liver was more calm today, I just hope that will be like that from tomorrow on when I will need to add another pills and anti sickness. Just five days for the end of this cycle.
This afternoon I decided to go through a leaflet where I was expecting to take more information how to deal and communicated with Olivia regarding to Cancer and chemotherapy. But to be honest I could not bear all the booklet, It made me so down and depressed that I decided to leave the last pages for another opportunity. I still hope that I do not need to read those last pages.

I spent most of the day playing with Olivia, there are always unforgettable moments. Definitely with the Cancer a lot have been lost but for sure even more were gained.

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