Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's eve

I confessed that I was never too enthusiastic of the Valentines day, Because of often I did not have the pair which turns this day with sense, but also for the speculation around the day. I do not know the price of the flowers in a normal day but in the Valentines day those could cost few times more, the same with a meal out. Then the family had the Valentines meal today in the pre-Valentine day. It was a very calm and a good time spent around the table, We need to have this meals out more often.
For coincidence I found the place where I sleep better, Since Justyna's friends been here me and Justyna moved downstairs, and since then, in the living room I am managing to sleep better, I did the experience to go back to our bedroom two days ago and I did not sleep well again, So we will keep downstairs for a while. This chemotherapy is already enough unpleasant and if I do not manage to sleep few hours in the night it becomes even more difficult. For now it is the legs where I feel more tired, and also the Liver since few days has been in pain, but I like to think positively, as probably this knife that I feel in the Liver it should be because of the chemotherapy is doing its effect, killing the bugs ans bad cells :)

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