Friday, February 11, 2011

Parents day

This day should be called the Day of Olivia's parents, because we offered each other some time, I will explain: In the morning it was Justyna with time off, I was in charge of Olivia, we went to the library. I am already worried about the passion of Olivia for books, She does not look for the kids, or to play with other things, She must have a book in hands to could breath. It is definitely an addiction.
In the afternoon It was mummy which went with Olivia to shopping, in that way I took a pleasure of diving in a book, as a few weeks I have not. For the first time I felt some nausea, but it did not stop me to go for a short walk to breath and charge energies. Slowly it is increasing my batteries of good energy, we just need a bit more of Sun to be full charged.

It is also the idea of Holidays that is going in my head, a break is necessary. For now, in two weeks we are going to Poland to spend time with the polish side of the family, and after at some point between treatments I hope we can find some weeks to smell the air of Portugal. For now I am happy to draw a landscape which remembers me Algarve.

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