Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meaning of Life

This morning I was very tired and the legs so heavy that were in the verge of the pain, It was difficult to stay alone with Olivia for a few minutes, But it is as everything that we do for pleasure... never gets too tired.
Even my Art lesson I was questioning if I should go or not, But luckily I have a colleague from the course which lives in the end of my road and she told me she would take a car to help me. She is a great neighbour, colleague and friend. Again my path in the class is slowing down, as I did not managed to finish my work, I will try to do it at home.

In the afternoon there was some news that left me sad, With the chemotherapy the brain is weaker and more sensitive to the bad news. I read about Steve Jobs and his precarious health, It shook me, I feel sorry for him. I followed always his situation not because of his mediatic and celebrity status but because of been one of the rare colleagues in the Neuroencrine World. I still hope this can be turned in his favour.

To have Cancer it is not necessary too much, just unlucky, and for who is battling, they maybe lose for the Cancer one day but never lose their dignity. Today when I was reading the news about Steve Job in some of the newspapers the focus it was not about the person but about the markets, and now what will be the future for Apple, The investors already asked for all the details of his health situation. There are so many people that have not understand the real meaning of Life, It is even more sad. Probably it is better to go and find something different somewhere out there.

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