Sunday, February 6, 2011

Princess or not?

I am trying to keep myself as busy as possible, at least to not remember about the things that I am not missing and I will need to taste again, such as the bad taste, the drowsiness and tiredness from the drugs of the chemotherapy. I really do not understand why they keep calling this products drugs, For me in my experience, I call drugs when those brings addition and high, but in this drugs that I will have tomorrow there is no good thing or whatsoever in the brain. Also to bee busy nothing better than to go to Camden, and then we all went there. Olivia feels almost at home walking through the streets, here assessing the fashion, there commenting hairstyles, She is definitely already an open mind.

Tonight, I did a deal with her, based in the story that she loves, I put one pea under her mattress to check if Olivia is a real princess. To be honest I hope the test will come negative, otherwise we all will have a bad night sleep.

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