Monday, February 14, 2011


The Cinderella is taking more and more work over her shoulders, Not only the house but also the front door is her space to clean and sweep. She is our best friend and she is always up to help us whatever we do. It is our time to help her more, to have more fun and good moments. All this, that come inside home is not easy to take for any adult and I am sure it is even more difficult for a child, as she does not full understand the reality, she just picks bites and some of them are very hard even if after while she is used to. She needs to know more than ever that there is more life behind the medicines always in the table and constants visits to hospital, plus some conversations that she should never pick up. To give her something different it is now our priority.

With me, its is still the Liver the king, It is bothering me with the constant pain there, I am sure is all the drugs that are giving all that discomfort. The Liver as me should be counting everyday the doses of tablets left, By my counting today I reached half of the way for this course or cycle, so it is only one more week and I hope all become easier, at least for few more days until the next cycle.

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