Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going to the bear hunt

Tonight I experienced something that I been forbidden for a long time, Just a long and restful sleep. I do not remember a night when I slept for 12 hours in a row as this, plus the time in bed reading and drawing. I can call this already a retreat. Outside is very cold and inside the atmosphere is calm which, helps me to relax and to my brain find the path and the way to the good and simple thoughts and things.

But tomorrow I will gonna look for more adventures than the ones I am finding inside and in bed, as I promised myself and Olivia that we all will go for a walk in the forest, even if I would need to dress up with 3 blankets over me.

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Luís Ganhão said...

isso é que é dormir :-)... tens o João Pestana a visitar-te!

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