Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the way to the Artic

Probably because of knowing that tomorrow will be the last day to take the chemotherapy and additionally feeling some excitement from our tomorrow's trip to Poland, today was a good day (finally), I was less tired, with less pain in the Liver and more positive. As I said, tomorrow early morning we will be already on the way to the heart of Poland, this afternoon the temperature was 16 degrees with a (-) before, with -16 it will be a challenge to go outside, I am taking books and pencils to draw. Another challenge will be to speak few Polish words. Anyway, I always can use the old tactic, just smile as if I would understand the language and just ping pong with the head in the sound of the words.
We are a shame of our own selves as we are flying again by Ryanair, We just hate this company and its policies and attitude, If I was not inside the plane I would throw it down. Before, we started our boycott and not flying anymore in that branch, I am really thinking tomorrow to organize something to show my repulse, probably something very coward such as post few bills with messages against that company in the airport, in a very noticeable place. Let see if I will not me jailed :)

At home we did some arrangements for the Spring, we left potatoes in the dark room in order to sprout and go to our garden.

Olivia looks also very excited with the trip, she was in a very good mood, Eating like father as a dog, She is turning up as a good joker, Mediterranean attitude mixed with the more clever north European blood.

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