Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another blow

I just dreamt to have a quiet and relaxing day at home, But it was still not today, Our day was passing again through the Hospital to see the surgeon. The appointment did not bring anything new nor better, I came out again with a heavy helmet in my head, disappointment, sadness it is what I found nowadays when I come from the Hospital. Luckily, there is Justyna which after few hours manages to bring again any smile to my face, This is important for Olivia, it is unfair to full share this bad moments with her.
At least, there is no plans to go to the Hospital in the next month, I just need to take all the chemotherapy that I have at home, I hope I will find some peace at home. This evening we treated us with a lovely Bacalhau com Bechamel, It was good to taste again fish.

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