Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Noah's ark

It was very worth the session of reiki today, The therapist always spends almost an hour around me, and today's was one of those, when I left I felt my body weighting half of its real weight. Afterwards, it was great to walk home full of good energy and just concentrating in good thoughts.

I still came home on time to take Olivia to the picnic in the library with other kids, later Olivia surprised me positively, by inviting for a first time a friend to her home. Olivia and Noah were shopping, played with toys and even had a meal together. So the date went so well that we all are looking forward for next meeting. Although all this, Olivia still wanted to go to the park when outside was already dark, but we went just to say hello to the squirrels and came back.

After this intense day I had my recharging time with a juicy bomb of celery, cabbage, cucumber, lemon, carrot and ginger.

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