Saturday, February 12, 2011


Saturday is normally the day for fathers in the child centres, Today the meeting was a bit faraway but nothing stopped us, just me and Olivia went in the double deck bus in the search for the play house. Olivia wanted to go in the top deck and in the front window seat, I asked myself why all the kids love that as I remember when I was kid I also loved to go in the front seat of the buses, probably to watch first than the others one. It was wonderful the time we spent together experimenting the numerous toys. There were toys based in science, to play with the gravity and astronomy. Kopernik I am sure started in the same way and only stopped in the Sun.

Meanwhile, Justyna went to buy flowers, When she smells Spring her brain switches to the flowers. The back yard and the front door are now ornamented with the pots waiting for bloom to colour our lives.

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