Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calling for changes

I wanted to have a day when I would write this blog and I would fill it up with beautiful and positive things, Believe in me, I really wanted so much to see the day again when I will finished this lines good with myself because I did not bother nobody with my selfish complains and tears. But I am sorry, that day it is still not today. It was instead a very difficult day, I was not too bad in the morning and me and Olivia went to a meeting of fathers in a library out of area. But when I came back home I was unbelievable tired and down, I could not feel any point of my body. At least as quick as it come as quick as it gone after some rest in the bed. Justyna brought me today The Guardian to read, I am not sure if it is the best toll to make me relax. The news show some signs of people that want a change, After it is also important to make sure that the promised changes it is not only to see everything at the same. I will wait to see.
Olivia and mummy are very busy packing the luggage to take with us to Poland, It is already Monday morning when we will find ourselves in the hottest stops of East Europe.

I was again tired in the evening, I felt tempted to drop my duty, this evening was myself to do the routine of Olivia's going to bed, But this must be something that I need to hold until I have one gram of energy in my blood. I was very emotional this time, Me and Olivia shared a long hug, and I drooped few tears hidden in her back :)

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