Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Concorde

The night is longer than ever, It is Olivia which often in the middle of the night breaks my process of failing asleep just when I am almost sleeping, I always had this feature of needing a long time to fail asleep, like the former Concorde needed a longer runway to take off. But it is not only that, it is also the sugars, In the last weeks I have too often hypoglycemia during the night. In that way I can stay hours in bed as vegetable, not knowing what is going on, and then do not take any initiative to finish the low sugar levels. Today I spoke with the nurse from the diabetes in the Royal Free Hospital, hopefully we will meet soon to discuss how to sort out this problem that keeps not turning my nights dark as should be. I was today very tired in the Art class, Nevertheless I enjoyed very much.
Tomorrow the airport of destiny is the Royal Free, and there, I will know if I should fly straight to the Radiotherapy or I should do a scale for Chemotherapy before, this depending from the scan of luggage in check in zone. Though, we all are waiting for a very smoothly landing.

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