Monday, February 7, 2011

Not alone

The day was spent almost totally in our home, means in the Royal Free Hospital. Firstly, to see the nurse of diabetes, which it was great, she gave us a lot of tips that can help us to avoid to have such a high sugars, and also now I will be again under surveillance of the Hospital rather than the GP, which is a good thing. But after we were in the hurry as the alarm was ringing for us to be in the Chemotherapy suite, three floors up. We were there just on time, but unfortunately we would need to wait for more 4 hours to have the medicines ready to bring it home. Problems in the pharmacy and with the doses that the oncologist needed to confirm made us stay so long inside the chemotherapy ward. Olivia wanted to be with me, but I was not happy because I think she should not be exposed to all the heavy environment that any of us even adults would find there. I was almost crying and sensitize with the love and care of my princesses, that never let me alone. This is and always will be a job for all our THREE. The drugs that been prescribed for the chemotherapy are to be taken at home this time not in the Hospital. Then, for 14 days I will know very well the effects of Capecitabine, after 10 days I will added to the long cocktail the other very strong drug the Temozolomide.
Anyway, out of the Hospital I could not forget my promise to Oli and we went to the Park to Olivia could enjoy few deserved happy moments. I feel that I am in debit with Olivia with laugh and good moments. I told Justyna today, the first time a Funfair will come around we will spend all the afternoon there, Another promise.

Of course the most important thing that I wanted to tell you today is the fact that Olivia is with 100% sure a Princess, the test of the pea show the Truth. As in the book of the Princess and the pea, Olivia had a horrible night, non of us had sleep well tonight, after I had set up a pea under her mattress.

OK friends it has been a very long day, and just 45minutes ago I had my first battery of pills, it is now time for bed and search for the good dreams, there everything is possible.

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