Friday, April 3, 2009

Time flying

The time is now in free fall, unstoppable, and it is a shame because I am scare that I will never feel so good as nowadays. It is contradictory, a person with a strong lesion in its Liver been asking for mercy for a Cancer. In fact I already know that the disease it is not trustful, It is famous for in the beginning behaves with a slow growth, sometimes do not leaving any suspicious for the patient that it is there and suddenly without notify appears, starts to jump and growing and sometimes not giving time for any reply to its mute notification. I wish that after operation I could have the same quality of life as I have today. Anyway, I think I am prepared for the next days, with charged energies, more weight, pills of Olivia has been resulting :)
To celebrate my mood, all day I was fancying to go out tonight, and when I invited girls straight they liked the idea, Thus we went for my Pizza desire. In the restaurant I do not know for which reason we were not very well served, probably for not asking for starters, Anyway, the boss brought one Piscatoria Pizza that we never asked, but the time that takes to produce another one made us do not claim for the one we asked in first place, but in the end we felt very disappointed for at least the guy did not come to apologise for their mistake, only a staff came to explain that pizza it is also good, bla, bla...
When we left the Restaurant I confessed we were slightly upset, but we did the peace with ourselves with something that Justyna mentioned, Anger is poisons, it can rapidly take the good things from inside us, Thus with that in our minds afterwards we did not speak or thought anymore about the Piscatoria Pizza and have lovely walking to home.
Just before we got home, in almost our door we encounter a beautifully gracious Cat, the animal was so sweaty that we exchange few energies and love. We were worried if he was lost but I think we still do not have a life to accommodate another person in the family. Not yet :)

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Luís Ganhão said...

Força Hélder,
é mais um passo na tua total recuperação.

PS --> Hão de ter tempo para fazer a família crescer, gatos, crianças, ... :-)