Monday, April 13, 2009

Hitchcock drama

Long day behind, We went to the town to escape to the routine, the weather was well enough to play the tourist role among them and enjoy a day outdoors. It was funny to mixed with the normal crowd, like if we were without any other problems and could be possible to fit any thoughts about shopping in our minds. Anyway, it was positive to walk around Trafalgar until south bank and stretch legs. I am sure they will be missing this walks.

Afterwards we travel to Shubhi's house, to have a last meal, for now, with our family, It could not be better, I could eat and drink energies and good thoughts from the Ocean of positiveness that represents that house and Shubhi's family. We toasted, we prayed, We all come home more calm.
Now I was thinking that the surgeon doctor Fusai, told me that he wanted to do the operation personally, and that is why I waited for this week as he has been in Holidays, I hope that he had a brilliant holidays, very relaxed, without any confusion, any arguments with his wife, if married. The worst scenery would be if he decided to go in Holidays to Portugal, and had a terrible experience with the Portuguese people, in that case I should fear for my life in the operations bed, I could pay for the Portuguese sins. Hopefully he went to different ports, there is other cheaper destinations.

The penultimate night, I am writing this lines at the same time Justyna does not want to abandon me and is reading a book in front of me and my mum is praying on the side, It is countless the times mum went around her rosary, and is infinite the times I listened she whispering the act of contrition or praying the Our father. I am sure either Our father and hail Mary will be with us in the next days, making this tortuous Hitchcock thriller with a good end.

My mum finished pray and kissed the rosary, we all are with good thoughts and calm, its is good time for a massage from Justa and bed.



Carla Damásio said...

Olá Helder e Princesas,

Estamos contigo no pensamento!
Carla Damásio

margarida said...

Olá Helder
Somos muitos, muitos, e todos juntos temos a maior força do mundo, pelo que, só pode correr tudo bem.FORÇA!
beijo do tamanho do mundo.
Maria João