Monday, April 6, 2009


Today our house turned out a yard of a building site, it is not the best time as now I only want to relax, but it was the only option that the landlord gave to us to get ride of the stubborn mould, the undesired host is in the ceiling, The fungous does not present the best environment to the Olivia's small lungs and also in generally for us. So we just need to be patient, it will be only 3 days and can bring even more light and bright to our Spring that never disappeared from this house. Also Justyna's cousin that arrives today and my mum Friday will have a warmer and whither welcome with the newer colours in the ceilings and in the walls.

In the afternoon I tried to abstract from the works and I slept for couple of hours, it is true that my brain did not follow the body and kept awoke and with his own thoughts or as the body called dreams. In this case the brain has been known something that his body is not been told, in the operation forthcoming, the Liver will received a new tubes to link to the digestive system, The most strange of the dream was that tubes would be similar to the ones used as a pipes in the kitchen, the same material without any doubts. I cannot understand the meaning of that dream, I never have been a plumber or whatever :)

Repeated from the dream I decided to invite Olivia for a walk outside, what she replied with a strong shake of her head and a noise that sounded Yes, Before moved outdoors I just went to the toilets to get ready and adjust my look after the nap. What should be a normal and routine act become something that disturbed me, the reason was I found few more gray hair where before I am sure it was black, of course justyna said that it might be because the paint of the house, I could have touched in the wall, but I am convinced is the Decadence. I am passing through the middle age, nothing worst than this inglorious way, feel the strengths are not anymore as it use to be in the twenties. After we reached the top of the hill in a difficult and hard climb, before there will be time to contemplate the view from that high spot the march down hill starts and as everything following the natural law of gravitation the way down is quicker and slowly the corp loses some of its pieces until become corpse in the base.


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