Saturday, April 4, 2009

I will never be a millionaire


Today we went to see our friend Veena, we have not met since we went to Poland, thus we went to her house to pass the day with her and Crishna, her daughter. The lunch was delayed, not only because of our late arrival in her house but overall because we decided to do a last minute betting in the Grand National. This is a a horse race that represents a special day for the English people. So we joined the day not with hats or formal dressings but with our casual dressings and we put some stakes in different Horses, Even Olivia had her choice, her horse was of course Ollie Magern and mine for curiosity it was the flaccid Cloudy Lane. He deserves this adjective because the weak animal must fell over only after couple of fences and with that throw my precious two pounds to the rubbish. I found that number (one) that he was wearing was only to attract attentions and few more pounds overall from guys like me that do not understand nothing of this business. Probably not only me is upset with the horse but also the quadruped is angry with me, because the extremely unlucky that I use to have in the gambling or in almost everything :) so when the Horse realised that the Helder has bet on himself he new that his chances were null. Therefore I think the Cloudy Lane deserved my sincere apologises and my promise that next year I will keep away from the game or maybe betting in one of his rival.
Anyway, I think in five horses that we bet only one crossed the goal. Such a disappointment. We really belong to a second division of gamblers. If any other proof I needed that I will never be a millionaire today I had it:)

To forget such a disillusion we moved to table to dry our tears and drown our bad feelings with the same tears. Also in good time Mike, John and Wilfy knock on the door and took us to a lovely walk in the park, un-narrated walk until the Paramount Alexandre Palace, The view over London is sensational. Olivia was in the clouds, could walk and interacting with dogs, pigeons and everything.

One the way it was funny to see a group of children with a stall selling their second hand toys, Olivia bought few gifts from her mates, All were very happy with the trade.
Last word to say thank you to Veena for the wonderful day,


Concentration it was the watchword

Veena and Oli
Mike , John and the small one
In the Park

Dealing with children

Up the hill to Alexandre Palace

London in our feet

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