Monday, April 27, 2009

London Marathon

Almost time to end another day, and start another night, The day brought more light, I am moving much more, doing authentically marathons around my courtyard and in the common access areas. Always whenever a neighbour seem me he runs away scare of my Android and Frankensteinian movements. Those are so slow that even often Olivia beats my goals. But for now I am not complaining.

I still have a bag in my side that is collecting fluids from the operation, but slow is coming less liquid. The time I am passing literally emerged in the God hands of my princess, Olivia is always kissing me, Justa is always around and lifting me with always her best smile, and my mum with also her hands is doing miracles in the kitchen, The appetite come back already from holidays :)

I will leave some pictures from the Olivia's birthday. It was a small but very lovely party

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