Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rendezvous for Friday

Ola meus amores,

Today I have been relaxed, even if also today I had the confirmation that the operation it will happen only Friday and not Thursday. In that way I only will be admitted in the Royal Free Hospital Thursday, So I will still have tomorrow evening to enjoy the company of my friend Filipe that will arrived in London, we can go to check if FC Porto will go through against man United.

I will tell you what I am feeling and I confessed already to Justina, I am ready to the surgery, I close my eyes and can see all the procedures, laying down in a couch having the first injection, after open the door for epidural and after the mask that will knock me down. But I cannot adjective my thoughts as whether are they positive, because they are not, but neither they are negative. I know that in the time of would go to the theatre I will blow a lot of oxygen in my lungs, clench my teeth and will be ready for this, like if I would be involved by a spirit of mission.

After what I past already in the past I just want to go through this tunnel and wake up in the other side, and after enjoy some peace of mind, I like the idea of be the passive part now, the responsibility Friday is in the doctors side.

Today we had the lovely visit of our friend Veena, it was brilliant the samosas she brought, the afternoon went very quick with our chatting, Congratulations to see what your team are doing in Haringay with the children and now been recognised by a half page in the newspaper The Guardian.

The postponed of my surgery date discarded the big coincidence of been coincident with the day of the birth of Maria. I am sure that everything will gonna be all right and I can see already the parents Patricia and Miguel very happy. You deserved.

Kisses and I hope I still can came here tomorrow.

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Ana Cristina said...

Querido primo,

as expectativas para esta operação foram mais que muitas e finalmente estamos à porta do desejado... o longo caminho percorrido ajudou a preparar o espírito
este será o momento certo com a confiança e atitude certa :)

Muita força e muita coragem XD

Faço votos de que este seja um momento "pequenino" e que proporcione infinitos momentos grandes

Mts beijinhos curativos

prima Ana