Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Am I nobody?


In spite of the day April fool's, please believe me, what I will tell you next is all true and nothing is invented, unlike of what you might have read today in the newspapers :)

Finally today we woke up very rested, after holidays tonight we managed to sleep few more hours, Olivia also woke up this morning at decent time. it sounds contradictory but for me even the holidays can make me tired.

Thus, I could tackle an over scheduled day and in the end of the day my body replied surprisingly well, After lunch I went for another acupuncture session, It was a very relaxing hour in the couch, In that hour I can do also meditation, thinking about good things but also about bad things, but here from a good angle if possible. After I went to say bye to Vasco that is going for a few days to Portugal. Later I was planing to see John & Maria but by the time I arrived at home it was already too late. In the evening I confess I was in a very good mood, I wanted to talk to everybody, but I only could phone to some friends. I hope this spirit it is the omen to all the good things that will come after the operation. I was reflecting that the worst about the surgery it might be the week that I will be without see Olivia, it will be hard to do not have her close to soften the pain.

I know, I told you in the beginning that I had a very completed day but I need to reassure your minds that I am ok, I did not go to the demonstration in the city regarding to the G20 meeting. This in spite of be against this Stew cooked by some nations. They keep do not listening other peoples or open the debate to the World that should have also a word in their own lives. This is Colonialism as far as I know, unless they are thinking, We created the shit so We also will sort out the shit. Probably they are waiting for the world become unsustainable, when the unemployed reaches half of the population, At that time am sure not only the miserable people that cannot feed their children but also or specially the richest communities should be very worried.

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