Friday, April 10, 2009

Full house


Happy days around, Mummy back to town and the family is almost complete, now is only missing my friend Filipe that is coming Tuesday. It is a nice atmosphere to have the house full. Easter is promising, with the food that my mum brought it from the Algarve, home made bread, Fular typical from this weekend in the Algarve.

It was magic, since I met her in the airport I felt she transported the last piece of strengths that I needed for the operation next Thursday. Mike help us again to go to the airport to pick up mum, facilitating the logistic. Meanwhile, I am getting prepare for the Reivellon, Adriano who is a professional hairdresser cut my hair. It was a touch of Midas. Also I shaved the hair in the body, as they would disturb and would bring needless pain whenever will be necessary to remove plaster, bandages and pipes. I have the experience from the last surgery.

Olivia got already a present from her aunt, a mega ball to relax. So happy we all are.

Thank you

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