Thursday, April 16, 2009

Positive expectations

Everything is serene, actually too much normal, Probably I am a bit naive but I am happy, what can I do. This is the destiny, my future need to cross again the long sharp naives of Dr Richard Gere, At least I will submit my body to a such handsome doctor. Brrrre :)
Here all family are reading and I am doing the list of things to take with me, for now I will take very few items, only few magazines for tonight and some pants and socks, apart of a shirt, tie and my oyster card to get out in the night when I will fell bored in the hospital.
I am now in holidays, nothing else I can do, it will be few days in a resting couch, with few drinks and not much solids.
Lastly, just to let you know, in case of interest, that you can set your order to buy a spare Iscas the Figado, But you must be quick.
So, big kiss and bye

1 comment:

Maria said...

Que Deus esteja consigo.
Vai correr tudo MUITO BEM!
Um abraço