Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Still some blur


Today I had courage and I set myself for a long journey, the aim was to see my GP, speak about what been happen and to put forward the problem of my tummy still so swollen. I felt great to do around 40minutes walk within not run out of energies.

Regarding to the answer he only recognised that everything looks normal, even over the best expectations for this singular case. He mentioned that fortunately is not often to see cases like mine, but I am going very well.
The afternoon I occupied myself with a brilliant thriller, Child 44, it is so good that makes me forget any pain, the story encompasses the period in Soviet Union before and after Stalin, it has been great to know bite more about what the people from East Europe had suffered, something that I will make sure that Olivia would be aware off, as in the end of the day she is also a East European women :)
In the evening we had a special meal with the company of our friends Shubhi, Tom and Taz, Great to repeat some good moments again in a large family.

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